Portals of Azure

What portals do you have in Azure

Currently there are two portals to use with azure.

  1. “Classic” –  Azure Service Manager (ASM)
  2. “Current” – Azure Resource Manager (ARM)


The Classic portal as shown below
URL: https://manage.windowsazure.com

The Current portal as shown below
URL: https://portal.azure.com


No longer available in Classic

More and more Microsoft is moving to there Current Portal. New features are mostly only available through the Current Portal. Also features are being disabled in the Classic portal and will in the future only be available through the Current portal.

A list of features there now are not available in the Classic portal:

* Web Apps
* Batch Services
* HDInsight
* Media Services
* Mobile Engagement
* Automation
* Schedular
* Stream Analytics
* Operational Insights

A way to keep track on what is changing within Azure are the following sites:



Developing with Azure SDK

For the Developers who use the Azure SDK need to keep in mind that some changes would require to update the SDK. So they can keep using the new features.

For example:
The website application you create with Visual Studio can not be created in older versions of the SDK. You need to update the SDK so that you can make connection with the Current Portal ARM. Since the Web Apps are now Resources and no longer Services.


Current Portal Azure AD

At this moment Azure AD is a preview version inside the Current portal. Some features are already integrated inside the ARM. For some specific features it is better to keep using the Classic portal. In time this preview will be updated and the Azure AD will also be only available through the Current Portal.


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